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A facial using rare Swiss apples!

I had the pleasure of being treated to a 75min pampering facial recently. I must admit I am not one to have regular facials so I was excited at the chance of having my skin pampered when I heard that the key Ingredient used in my facial would be – Alps Botanical stem cells from rare Swiss Apples – the new scientific breakthrough ingredient ! Who would’ve thought an apple a day could keep the skin youthful too!


The Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment by HAACH is an advanced anti-aging technology which aims to:
– Stimulate and accelerate the regeneration process;

– Extend protection for skin cells under UV exposure;

– Boost the production of skin cells by protecting skin from stress and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles;

– Boost collagen production and plump up facial lines, as well as restore elasticity and hydration.


My facial included a Diamond Peel that exfoliated the uppermost skin layer to take away dead skin cells and to prepare my skin to receive active nutrients. Then a special probe was used to infuse active ingredients that boost collagen production deep into the inner layers of the skin. To seal in the goodness, a customized treatment mask was also applied to my skin. The treatment ended with a soothing shoulder and head massage that was indeed very relaxing. A thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would do all over again! Thank you HAACH!

Haach OC Haach OC1


the little fella and me // Australian fashion week

photo 3

A sweet kiss with my little fella

photo 2

With beautiful mummy

photo 1

With beautiful mummy and cheeky little fella (captured by Thomas Su)

photo 1

Little fella steps out on the runway

photo 5

Little fella runs after the models post runway show

photo 4

In maxi skirt by Suno (captured by Six6 Photography)

SamanthaChan-0704-01 copy

In Lover (captured by Famous Magazine)

My little guy must have been the youngest attendee at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week this year. He certainly enjoyed himself with all the attention that he was attracting pre, post and in-between shows. He was such a good boy for the most part of fashion week and I am sure he will appreciate all these photos when he is a little older! 

Australian Fashion Week // bloggers corner

photo 1

With the beautiful Nicole Warne

photo 5

With Nicole Warne and my little fella (captured by Thomas Su)

photo 3

Zanita Morgan and Jessica Stein

photo 5

With Zanita Morgan

photo 2

Jessica Stein

photo 1

Nicole Warne

photo 4

With Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton of theyallhateus

photo 2

With Eleanor Pendleton

photo 4

With the beauties, my sister Kimberley, Jessica Stein, Nicole Warne and my little fella

Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week saw the world’s top fashion bloggers converging at Carriageworks for a week of fun and fashion. I was delighted to meet the lovely Nicole Warne (garypeppergirl), Jessica Stein (Tuula Vintage), duo Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson (theyallhateus), model turned photographer Zanita Morgan  and beauty writer Eleanor Pendleton. I was fortunate to have had moments with each of these beauties in between and post-runway shows to be able to get a few snaps with them and also to capture them in their natural state. It was definitely a week filled with fun memories!

bec & bridge // argon long sleeve dress

483039515_jpg_528_0_2688_44776119_4825 483039521_jpg_438_0_2227_70149254_3997

Doesn’t Rachel Finch look stunning in the Argon Long Sleeve Dress by Bec & Bridge? Rachel wore this dress to the opening show of Australian Fashion Week last night and wore it perfectly. Keeping accessories to a minimum and make up soft and subtle, we think Rachel shone in the dress.

The Argon Long Sleeve Dress will arrive online and instore in mid to late April.

photo credits | popsugar



vanity trove // modern hippie chic

photo 1

           photo 1       photo 5


A new beauty discovery platform in South East Asia // Vanity Trove is a website ( and mobile social media platform that aims to let women share their beauty regime and fashion styles to the world.


Recently, I attended a Vanity Trove event called ‘Get, Snap, Blingo’ at Zouk, one of Singapore’s most popular nightclubs. The theme of the night was ‘modern hippie chic’ and there were plenty of beautiful people dressed up as hippie chicks for the event. There were many sponsors on the night from the make-up, beauty and hair industry. The girls from Benefit cosmetics were around to showcase their products and help out anyone that needed touch-ups for the night. L’oreal hair was busy with styling girls throughout the night.


We were also spoiled with delectable delights with a buffet dessert table that included all of my favourite sweets – macaroons, lemon meringue cupcakes and chocolate tarts! The highlight of the night for me was winning a L’oreal Professional Hair Styler Steam Pod. Gosh, I have never won anything in my life before and I was presented with this huge gift on stage! I am very grateful for the prize, so thank you L’oreal! 

photo 2

photo 3



At this event, I wore bustier top and maxi skirt from Australian designers Kindred.

We had a great time being hippie chicks for a night! Thanks Vanity Trove xoxo

absolutely nails! | review

Some of you may have realised that I love getting my nails manicured so that they look pretty all the time. Since I was introduced to the ‘gel manicure’ a couple of years ago, I don’t think there is any turning back! A ‘gel manicure’ will last me around 4 weeks at a time, so I think it is great value, especially when my nails usually chip the next day if I use the traditional nail polish.I tried out the manicure and pedicure services at Absolutely Nails recently. Located at 136 East Coast Road, Singapore, Absolutely Nails is located at the back of the Feet Haven, the shop which fronts the main street. It offers the full range of manicures and pedicures.


I was treated to a lovely manicure and pedicure by the girls at Absolutely Nails.


My feet were treated to a lovely exfoliating scrub and massage, followed by a nice grooming session ending with a polish of bright magenta on my toenails. My hands were equally pampered and groomed and I chose 2 colors from the gel polish range to be applied to my fingernails.


Here are some pictures of my manicure and pedicure from my visit. A charming touch to this place is the ‘Picture Door’, where polaroid pictures of customers are put up on the wooden door for all to admire.


My lovely 2-tone ‘gel’ manicure
My bright toes after my pedicure
The wall of polish
The wall display
The chandelier sets the mood
The ‘picture door’…. can you spot me?
That’s me in the middle!

 A big ‘thank-you’ to the girls at Absolutely Nails for my lovely manicure and pedicure. It was a lovely session of pampering and I look forward to seeing you again soon! x


Note: This was a sponsored post. 

the gel manicure

Gel manicure – the ‘marble’ look
Manicure in YSL theme
Christmas manicure
Gel Pedicure
It looks so beautiful, its durable and lasts some 3-4 weeks.  For those who have not had it done before, this is the process of how a gel manicure is done:
1. A base coat is applied on the nail as a first coat and then “cured” under a UV lamp;
2. A special layer of gel polish is applied on the nail and then “cured” under the UV lamp;
3. Step 2 is repeated as a second layer of polish is applied;
4. Finally, a top coat is applied to seal the polish to the nail, and “cured” under the UV lamp.
Now we have beautiful painted nails that won’t chip when we do the housework! In recent times, a few concerns have been raised with the regular use of the gel polish. Acetone, which is the only way to remove the gel polish can be very drying to the nail and may cause irritation to the nail.
Another concern which has arisen has been the use of the the UV lamp in drying the nail polish. The more frequently the manicure is performed, the more cumulative the UV exposure is leading to the subsequent risk of skin cancer. Apparently, the UV light needed to ‘cure’ the manicure is approximately 3 to 4 times stronger than a tanning bed. Clearly, the length of time one would spend ‘curing’ nails would be a fraction of the time spent under the UV light on a tanning bed (but we all know tanning beds are a bad idea!).
So this leads to the question, should we apply sunscreen before our hands enter the UV light? Especially if we get gel manicures every 3 weeks that is some 17 times in a year that our hands go under the UV light and that is in addition to our everyday sun exposure from UV rays. Perhaps salons should consider offering sunscreen for hands for every gel manicure performed so that the effects of the UV lights are minimized! Thats my suggestion!
I do love the look of pretty nails that will last though.  The pictures above are of my recent gel manicures and pedicure.