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chloe spring summer 16 campaign | no words

antonina-petkovic-ari-westphal-celine-bouly-ilvie-wittek-by-theo-wenner-for-chloe-spring-summer-2016 antonina-petkovic-ari-westphal-celine-bouly-ilvie-wittek-by-theo-wenner-for-chloe-spring-summer-2016-1 antonina-petkovic-ari-westphal-celine-bouly-ilvie-wittek-by-theo-wenner-for-chloe-spring-summer-2016-3 antonina-petkovic-ari-westphal-celine-bouly-ilvie-wittek-by-theo-wenner-for-chloe-spring-summer-2016-6 antonina-petkovic-ari-westphal-celine-bouly-ilvie-wittek-by-theo-wenner-for-chloe-spring-summer-20165 CHLOE_SS16_Campaign_Gallery_06-copy

sunshine, free spirited and carefree

sunkissed faces with tousled hair

floral maxis, off shoulder necklines and sheer silhouettes

strappy sandals and fringey handbags

optimistic and joyful

the dreamy perfection that is Chloe

x Luxe


arriving oct // by charlotte dhan’ya

2015-08-14- 1001

Dhan’ya (or dhyanya), meaning blessed in Hindi, is the upcoming collection by the gorgeous Charlotte Blakeney of By Charlotte.

We were quite possibly the first ever stockist of By Charlotte jewellery when the range was small and consisted only of the lotus necklaces. The label grew steadily through word of mouth and magazine features, before exploding in popularity when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore By Charlotte jewellery gracing the cover of Harpers Bazaar.

We have just had our showing of the Dhan’ya collection and we are absolutely in love with all of the pieces. Ordering is going to be hell!  We cannot wait to show you the collection.

The collection will start arriving instore and online at the beginning of next month (October).

In the meantime, you can shop By Charlotte’s current collection here.

designer profile // sabaii


Our newest label at Luxe is Sabaii by Laura Taraniuk. Sabaii is a Thai word which loosely translates to “Everything is all good. It’s all chilled.”  The culture and essence behind the label is this chill saying. This is reflected in everything Laura does, the luxurious laid back bohemian vibes of the bags come as naturally to the designs as to the women who carry them.  Sabaii is proudly an independent Australian fashion label, designing out of Adelaide and delivering luxe bohemian style leather bags worldwide. This is the lifestyle of a gypsy soul captured in a wearable piece of art you will take with you to every corner of this beautiful world.




What inspired you to start Sabaii?

I started Sabaii simply as a way to leave the 9-5 and work on my own projects, loves and passions. It is a way to do my own thing and show the world a little piece of me.

What is your favourite part about being a designer?

Seeing work from sketches come to life. I also love the constant inspiration that comes with design and running my own business, I’m always on the look out for perfect locations, things that have an air of natural beauty about them and a constant desire for wanderlust, which is now fully allowable because what I do is ‘work’.




Describe your design aesthetic.

It’s raw but luxurious. Carefree but structured. I pay highest attention to details, in stitching, clasps all the little things that can go unnoticed. For me it’s about carefully blending bohemian vibes with high end design using quality leather throughout all designs. It’s leather so it’s got to feel and look amazing!












What has been your career highlight so far?

Definitely my launch. I worked so hard to make sure everything I had in my mind came together perfectly on the night. I struggle with planning my own birthday dinner let alone an entire fashion launch, but I loved that it pushed me out of my comfort zone on so many levels. It was definitely one of the best nights of my life and in my career to date.








Who would you love to see carrying your handbags?

Hmmm truly I think I would love to see my bags on the arm of Vanessa Hudgens she is such a babe and I love her style, Elle Ferguson and Gigi have amazing style too, but honestly just seeing them on the street is always so beautiful, it’s still new for me so I’ll relish in this for a little while longer. I recently got my bag on Rachel Barnes, aka @rockybarnes and that was a little bit out of this world for me, she is gorgeous!



Tell us what/who/where is on your inspiration board.

I don’t really have a traditional inspo board with pics. I like to write so I tend to write goals, names, places, quotes, ideas down and work from that. It’s still a visual thing I guess, the images are more in my mind. Writing helps me get them out and into the real world. 


What’s next, what can we look forward to e.g. new styles of bags, homewares etc.?

I have big dreams and plans for Sabaii. So next will be a new collection. A new shoot and a couple of new stockists in Aus. and also internationally and hopefully some travel on the cards.. I also have some exciting campaigns coming up but you will have to wait and see, I can’t give it all away just yet.



Earth, fire, air or water?  I’m born on the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces so Air/Water but if I had to choose it be water.

​In the mornings, I …need coffee and food to function!

My favourite word is … I regrettably swear a lot so I guess something way too naughty to write here.

​In my handbag, you’ll find … credits cards, hair pins, pens, keys and tonnes of receipts

My guilty fashion secret is vintage leather bags and sportswear, I live in it!

Your style motto isStay true to yourself. Be comfortable, be honest with who you are and always feel good. If you feel good you look good.

Advice you’d give to your 16 year old self.  Don’t be naughty and to lose the attitude! You will learn more this way.

shop sabaii exclusively at luxe instore and online




beautiful hoi an village

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting a charming place in VIetnam – Hoi An. This beautiful place is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. It is quaint, beautiful and well-preserved with its natural characteristics and much of its landscape unchanged over the generations. I stayed at a gorgeous and (very!) luxurious resort called The Nam Hai resort. Words cannot describe so you will just have to visit yourself!  Some memorable snaps from my trip below.

photo-18 photo-8

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

photo-5 photo-9 photo-10

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

photo.PNG-2photo-19 photo-21 photo-25photo-15


sabaii // the bohemian bag of your dreams

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tumblr_nohv150KXt1urrb1do1_1280 tumblr_nofmsvlez51urrb1do1_1280

mahla black 1

Sabaii, a Thai word that loosely translates to “everything is all good, its all chilled.” This philosophy is reflected in the bohemian and free spirited nature of these luxe handbags.  Meticulously handcrafted with ethically sourced buffalo leather and turquoise pendants sourced from Nepal, these are not just handbags, they are wearable art. Made with utmost love and care, channel your inner bohemian goddess with Sabaii bags.

Sabaii is available in Sydney exclusively via Luxe. Shop Sabaii online here.


ling wu bags

When I attended the media preview of Ling Wu bag’s fall/winter 2014 collection, I was captivated. Captivated by the talent of local Singaporean designer Ling Wu, in her creative use of materials such as luxurious leathers and exotic skins to create buttery soft and supple silhouettes that are both versatile to carry and on trend.


Educated in London at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Ling Wu oversees the entire production process, from designing the shapes of the bags to the sourcing of the leathers where she often travels overseas to manage the hand-treated leather process and finer details in each individual bag.


The upcoming fall/winter 2014 collection features a recent innovation that has taken nearly two years to perfect – Svelte Python. Produced using a unique rubberising technique, the exotic skins are given a velvety soft touch while at the same time reinforcing it with long-lasting qualities.


Unique finishing to the skins is what makes a Ling Wu bag special.  A laborious ‘bottle-rolling’ technique is employed whereby the skins are literally rolled with glass bottles by hand to produce a soft, shiny surface that still retains the beautifully organic texture of the scales. After the skins have been bottle-rolled, a special glaze coating is applied to the surface to seal and protect the skins.


Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the upcoming fall/winter 2014 collection hitting stores very soon!  For more details, check out the Ling Wu website here.

_DSC0712-2 _DSC0630 _DSC0541 LINGWU_FW14_Bubble_FA14-LW1006_Pinkbrown_front LINGWU_FW14_Bubble_FA14-LW1006_bluebrown_frontLINGWU_FW14_Bubble_FA14-LW1006_Redbrown_front LINGWU_FW14_Mia_FA14-LW1011_pinkbrown_front_DSC0576 _DSC0558 _DSC0712 _DSC0603photo 1 photo 2 photo 3  

Pic credits | Ling Wu

sidewalk fashion // hercules style






Wearing Alice McCall dress, heels by Manning Cartell, bracelet by Hermes 

& carrying Louis Vuitton louise handbag


As the name suggests, the Hercules Pillars dress by Alice McCall was sure to attract some attention. What I love about this dress is the look of the hand-drawn ink pattern on the front of the dress and the exaggerated shoulders which felt ‘armour-like’. Being petite, it is often nice to feel a little stronger than usual.


My heels by Manning Cartell, checked out the view at Orchard Road, Singapore where shoppers walked and rushed through the hustle and bustle of city life. These shoes with the pointed heel are seriously more comfortable than they look! Wearing my Hermes H bracelet and carrying my Louis Vuitton LV buckle handbag, I love the simplicity of these two pieces which complement each other with their classic gold and black hardware. Its the classic pieces that I treasure the most in my wardrobe!



Photo credits | oneclickwonders

luxe pop-up! // singapore


If you are in Singapore, we would love to see you at the Luxe pop-up on Sun 27 April (11am-6pm). Shop the latest collections by designers Bec & Bridge, Shakuhachi, Nookie, Talulah, Three of Something and spoil yourself with new season’s jewellery by Samantha Wills, By Charlotte and House of Harlow 1960!  Sale up to 50% off! See you there!!

Details are here:

the little fella and me // Australian fashion week

photo 3

A sweet kiss with my little fella

photo 2

With beautiful mummy

photo 1

With beautiful mummy and cheeky little fella (captured by Thomas Su)

photo 1

Little fella steps out on the runway

photo 5

Little fella runs after the models post runway show

photo 4

In maxi skirt by Suno (captured by Six6 Photography)

SamanthaChan-0704-01 copy

In Lover (captured by Famous Magazine)

My little guy must have been the youngest attendee at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week this year. He certainly enjoyed himself with all the attention that he was attracting pre, post and in-between shows. He was such a good boy for the most part of fashion week and I am sure he will appreciate all these photos when he is a little older!