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So, if you haven’t already discovered this, British Vogue has started an online series peeking into the wardrobes of some of our favourite fashionistas.

The latest episode features our very own Miranda Kerr showing her enviable closet at her Los Angeles home, and it was quite an insight.

Aside from showing her shelves of amazing designer handbags (some in two colours!), shoes and racks and rack of gorgeous dresses, Miranda tells us about her favourite pieces, what she considers to be wardrobe essentials (a black leather jacket – to die for!) and perfect fitting jeans (that hugs the curve your bum).  We couldn’t get past her collection of vintage Indian cotton dresses. Also noteworthy was Miranda’s response when asked what she would wear on a night out if she didn’t have a lot of time to get ready.  Her response was a simple effortless slip dress.

Click below to watch the video in full (cue closet envy).

And of course, we highly recommend subscribing to the British Vogue channel by clicking here – British Vogue

Bupa Travel


A big thank you to Bupa Travel for naming Luxe as one of the top Australian ateliers for your future travels.  The well-known insurance company singled us out for those of you off to San Francisco, in their article, ‘Australian Boutiques: Get the Right Look for Travelling​’.

“San Fran’s signature style has drifted from hippie to hipster, and it remains a sought-after holiday destination for good reason. Submerge yourself in the atmospheric fog of this chilled-out US city and you won’t want to leave,” says Bupa. The article goes on to explain that our choice of clothing perfectly epitomises this laid-back and eclectic US city.

Strut your stuff while bar hopping in the Mission District with one of Nookie’s daring bodycon numbers or choose from our range of boho-inspired dresses from Auguste for a day trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. The Auguste Vagabond Luxe Anglaise Boho Top in white pairs perfectly with your favourite pair of jeans, as you stop for a customised coffee and people watching at a trendy café. Top any outfit off with one of our sought-after pom-pom clutches from The Wolf Gang, says the site, ‘it will keep your passport and credit card tucked away with flair – ready for a splurge at one of the many fine foodie hotspots’.

Luxe Boutique, situated in the midst of Sydney CBD, is a mecca for the city’s style mavens, but you can also get the look from our well-curated collection of labels such as House of Harlow and Winona Australia online from the comfort of your home or office. For those not lucky enough to be heading to warmer climes this winter, we’ve also got a range of cooler-weather clothing out now. Check out our latest collections by Bec & Bridge with long flowing sleeved tops and trailing maxi dresses to snuggle up in style.

And while we love big-name international lines, you’ll turn heads on your international visits with the streamlined silhouettes from local designer Shona Joy. Accessorise your chosen look with the rose gold beauty of By Charlotte, a favourite of those who prefer intricate and delicate jewels.

Whether you’re heading to balmy Asia, adventurous US, or fashion-forward Europe, Australian boutiques like ours will have you jet-setting in style.

live colourfully

With so many new Samantha Wills collections and pieces online, the lovely ladies at Samantha Wills have put out some very helpful colour edits to show us how we can mix and match our pieces based on our favourite colours.

Take inspiration from the colour edits below and layer your pieces to your hearts’ content.

xBLOG_0003_Hue_Saturation-1_jpg_pagespeed_ic_cQCtzbj1pR xBLOG_0004_Hue_Saturation-1_jpg_pagespeed_ic_ri2RhTFzXX xBLOG_0005_Hue_Saturation-2_jpg_pagespeed_ic_H5tKi2g3lM

Shop Samantha Wills mainline collection here

Shop Samantha Wills fine collection here

x Luxe

chanel | spring 2016 couture

Chanel never disappoints (understatement of the year, so far!)

Every time I think, wow how are they going to top this show, they somehow manage to. Not only do they get more creative, they also manage to surprise and delight everyone.

The Chanel Haute Couture show at the Grand Palais in Paris yesterday featured a very Japanese zen-like doll house. The structure remained closed during the show and opened at the end to reveal the models and Karl Lagerfeld himself. C’est magnifique!








Couture is reserved for an exclusive coterie of ladies around the world. The clientele are not usually well known celebrities, rather they are the wealthy madames and seasoned aristocrats, whose names and privacy are fiercely guarded by the fashion houses.

In a world that is increasingly digital, manufactured and accessible (and let’s be honest, replicated) – haute couture  is as old fashioned as you can get – each garment is a jewel – bespoke, handmade and unique.

In a fast paced world (that seems to be getting faster), couture is deliberately slow. It is not designed for the masses. You cannot have it right away.  You cannot view the garments in shops, but in ateliers where the client receives meticulous attention and service you can only dream of.

In a world that promotes openness and transparency, haute couture is (and will always be) closed and private. In fact the term haute couture is regulated by French law and membership in its governing body, the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, is limited to only a handful of fashion houses.

For many, all the above are reasons that turn them off haute couture. For us, haute couture is the breeding ground for innovation, the sliver at the leading edge of creativity. Bespoke creations that speak to the heart and soul, without having to be concerned about being useful or whether it can be manufactured for the masses.

Our favourite looks from Chanel Haute Couture 2016 (in no particular order) are below.

What are your favourite looks?

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pics from





arriving oct // by charlotte dhan’ya

2015-08-14- 1001

Dhan’ya (or dhyanya), meaning blessed in Hindi, is the upcoming collection by the gorgeous Charlotte Blakeney of By Charlotte.

We were quite possibly the first ever stockist of By Charlotte jewellery when the range was small and consisted only of the lotus necklaces. The label grew steadily through word of mouth and magazine features, before exploding in popularity when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore By Charlotte jewellery gracing the cover of Harpers Bazaar.

We have just had our showing of the Dhan’ya collection and we are absolutely in love with all of the pieces. Ordering is going to be hell!  We cannot wait to show you the collection.

The collection will start arriving instore and online at the beginning of next month (October).

In the meantime, you can shop By Charlotte’s current collection here.

A facial using rare Swiss apples!

I had the pleasure of being treated to a 75min pampering facial recently. I must admit I am not one to have regular facials so I was excited at the chance of having my skin pampered when I heard that the key Ingredient used in my facial would be – Alps Botanical stem cells from rare Swiss Apples – the new scientific breakthrough ingredient ! Who would’ve thought an apple a day could keep the skin youthful too!


The Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment by HAACH is an advanced anti-aging technology which aims to:
– Stimulate and accelerate the regeneration process;

– Extend protection for skin cells under UV exposure;

– Boost the production of skin cells by protecting skin from stress and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles;

– Boost collagen production and plump up facial lines, as well as restore elasticity and hydration.


My facial included a Diamond Peel that exfoliated the uppermost skin layer to take away dead skin cells and to prepare my skin to receive active nutrients. Then a special probe was used to infuse active ingredients that boost collagen production deep into the inner layers of the skin. To seal in the goodness, a customized treatment mask was also applied to my skin. The treatment ended with a soothing shoulder and head massage that was indeed very relaxing. A thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would do all over again! Thank you HAACH!

Haach OC Haach OC1


beautiful hoi an village

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting a charming place in VIetnam – Hoi An. This beautiful place is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. It is quaint, beautiful and well-preserved with its natural characteristics and much of its landscape unchanged over the generations. I stayed at a gorgeous and (very!) luxurious resort called The Nam Hai resort. Words cannot describe so you will just have to visit yourself!  Some memorable snaps from my trip below.

photo-18 photo-8

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photo-5 photo-9 photo-10

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