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2015-08-14- 1001

Dhan’ya (or dhyanya), meaning blessed in Hindi, is the upcoming collection by the gorgeous Charlotte Blakeney of By Charlotte.

We were quite possibly the first ever stockist of By Charlotte jewellery when the range was small and consisted only of the lotus necklaces. The label grew steadily through word of mouth and magazine features, before exploding in popularity when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore By Charlotte jewellery gracing the cover of Harpers Bazaar.

We have just had our showing of the Dhan’ya collection and we are absolutely in love with all of the pieces. Ordering is going to be hell!  We cannot wait to show you the collection.

The collection will start arriving instore and online at the beginning of next month (October).

In the meantime, you can shop By Charlotte’s current collection here.

A facial using rare Swiss apples!

I had the pleasure of being treated to a 75min pampering facial recently. I must admit I am not one to have regular facials so I was excited at the chance of having my skin pampered when I heard that the key Ingredient used in my facial would be – Alps Botanical stem cells from rare Swiss Apples – the new scientific breakthrough ingredient ! Who would’ve thought an apple a day could keep the skin youthful too!


The Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment by HAACH is an advanced anti-aging technology which aims to:
– Stimulate and accelerate the regeneration process;

– Extend protection for skin cells under UV exposure;

– Boost the production of skin cells by protecting skin from stress and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles;

– Boost collagen production and plump up facial lines, as well as restore elasticity and hydration.


My facial included a Diamond Peel that exfoliated the uppermost skin layer to take away dead skin cells and to prepare my skin to receive active nutrients. Then a special probe was used to infuse active ingredients that boost collagen production deep into the inner layers of the skin. To seal in the goodness, a customized treatment mask was also applied to my skin. The treatment ended with a soothing shoulder and head massage that was indeed very relaxing. A thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would do all over again! Thank you HAACH!

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