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Casa Paradiso - Mainline 2015.compressed_Page_01 Casa Paradiso - Mainline 2015.compressed_Page_02pDStpd7_D7n7_IrnM_0Yc6XJRqg4TrRy2ZL4l37qeqk     JL-xd4ZnBE5dhGHM7g1WOg6tWDhwRUpJ8nZUSRQnINkSamantha Wills The Villa Ring $99Casa Paradiso - Mainline 2015.compressed_Page_20



The Midnight Rendezvous Pendant Necklace $119

xVyXGlKd5MHMENfp505KFf7VeYmf1h_bK_xr33mddEIWorld From Here Pendant Necklace $129

 Casa Paradiso - Mainline 2015.compressed_Page_17

World From Here Collar Necklace $349


Casa Paradiso - Mainline 2015.compressed_Page_06

Midnight Rendezvous Ear Cuff $69



Reality of Dreams Ring $129

 Fg2UVdNIVDTFdHFd5SEhJeO9lNS5yye-mlHDNozUv5U  The Golden Grand Earrings $119

Casa Paradiso - Mainline 2015.compressed_Page_18The Midnight Rendezvous Bracelet Set $149


Bohemian Bardot Ring Burnished Gold $129


Bohemian Bardot Ring Embossed Black Leather $99


The Pool Side Ring $119

MidnightRendezvous-N-2334-1 Midnight Rendezvous Collar Necklace $249

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Sun drenched + salt water healing + one half mermaid one half bohemian goddess (aka Ruby Tuesday Matthews) + a secret beach = Auguste The SunChasers Collection.  June delivery coming soon.

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We’re loving that hands are becoming more and more adorned with rings. Fine, thin, delicate rings, sometimes even two on the one finger. Well, as they say, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it well. And we couldn’t agree more.  For a fine (yes, pun intended) collection of rings that you can layer and stack to your heart’s delight, look no further.

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