the oriental blossom …


I am in love with the ‘oriental blossom’ print by designers Bec & Bridge (  The print is so sweet, vibrant and sure to add some sunshine into any girl’s day!


This print is exclusive to Bec & Bridge which means you won’t see any other designer using the same print.  Available in a few different styles but my favourite is the one I am wearing today – the Oriental Blossom Tee Dress.


Available now on if you fancy one for yourself!

rings of glory

Is there such a thing as too many rings? We don’t think so. Just as well we found Samantha Wills. Awarded the prix de Marie award for Best Australian Accessory Brand, Samantha Wills never ceases to impress with her collection of cocktail rings or statement rings. From her signature Bardot ring which features a teardrop shaped coloured stone that is updated every collection in a new colour or finish or embellished with crystals, to her latest Marrakech Skies ring and Tomorrow Never Comes ring, both featured in her signature colour of turquoise, Samantha Wills proves that more is definitely more.

balenciaga | what a cutie!

I came across this cute little girl and thought how adorable and fashionable is she? I have the same black balenciaga bag! Kids are just growing up too fast these days, aren’t they?
I don’t have a little girl to pass on all my designer bags to. I am hoping one day my sister will have a little one that I can spoil! 🙂