the gel manicure

Gel manicure – the ‘marble’ look
Manicure in YSL theme
Christmas manicure
Gel Pedicure
It looks so beautiful, its durable and lasts some 3-4 weeks.  For those who have not had it done before, this is the process of how a gel manicure is done:
1. A base coat is applied on the nail as a first coat and then “cured” under a UV lamp;
2. A special layer of gel polish is applied on the nail and then “cured” under the UV lamp;
3. Step 2 is repeated as a second layer of polish is applied;
4. Finally, a top coat is applied to seal the polish to the nail, and “cured” under the UV lamp.
Now we have beautiful painted nails that won’t chip when we do the housework! In recent times, a few concerns have been raised with the regular use of the gel polish. Acetone, which is the only way to remove the gel polish can be very drying to the nail and may cause irritation to the nail.
Another concern which has arisen has been the use of the the UV lamp in drying the nail polish. The more frequently the manicure is performed, the more cumulative the UV exposure is leading to the subsequent risk of skin cancer. Apparently, the UV light needed to ‘cure’ the manicure is approximately 3 to 4 times stronger than a tanning bed. Clearly, the length of time one would spend ‘curing’ nails would be a fraction of the time spent under the UV light on a tanning bed (but we all know tanning beds are a bad idea!).
So this leads to the question, should we apply sunscreen before our hands enter the UV light? Especially if we get gel manicures every 3 weeks that is some 17 times in a year that our hands go under the UV light and that is in addition to our everyday sun exposure from UV rays. Perhaps salons should consider offering sunscreen for hands for every gel manicure performed so that the effects of the UV lights are minimized! Thats my suggestion!
I do love the look of pretty nails that will last though.  The pictures above are of my recent gel manicures and pedicure.

my baby | a special birthday cake

The cake ‘ombre’ blue
Blowing of the candles
Happy Birthday!
No longer a baby at 2 years old! How time has flown by. My youngest and chubbiest turned 2 recently.
We celebrated with a designer style birthday cake which looked as good as it tasted! Made by my beautiful friend, May Wan Teh, it was definitely one to be remembered.
I asked for a simple cake and left the design up to May to decide. The cake layers were in the colours of white, light blue and a darker shade of blue (‘ombre blue’). The cake was red velvet in flavour (one of my personal favorites) and the butter cream used was simply delicious!
If you would like to find out more about these beautiful cakes, visit May’s blog site (


playsuit days

One of the best things about living in Singapore is that it is warm all-year-round….which means keeping up with a summer wardrobe all the time !
One of my favorite items to have is the playsuit, it is so cute, versatile and you can always dress it up or down depending on how you feel !  Here are some of my favorite playsuits (past and present) :
Alice McCall (available August 2013)
Jessica Mauboy (singer) in Alice McCall
Bec & bridge

chanel | boy, oh, boy!

Who does not love the Chanel boy? Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2013 campaign of the boy bag is ‘to-die-for’. This has brought a welcomed variation to the classic flap bags (which we all still love).
What caught my eye is the use of different materials and textures this season such as tweed, plaids and even pony hair which make these boy bags so much more luxurious and desirable.
Check them out:
Alice Dellal for Chanel campaign
Alice Dellal for Chanel campaign